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On The Job Pictures

Carpenter Ant Frass From Nest

Carpenter Ant Frass From Nest

dead mouse in electrical panel

Dead Mouse & Nest In Electrical Panel

picture shows wood being stacked too close to house

Do Not Store Fire Wood Close To Home

picture showing plastic layed over ground as a moisture barrier

Place Vapor Barriers (6 Mil Plastic) Over Earth To Prevent Moisture From Rising Into Wood Above

picture shows a termite damaged wood floor

Termite Close Up Floor Damage

picture shows a floor joist destroyed by termites

Termite Damage in Basement Joist
termite mud tunnels in a basement

Termite Mud Tunnels

pictures shows bush planted too close to a house

Trim Bushes Away From Your Home and Garage

insulation batting installed against a roof

Insulation Batting Should Not Be Against the Roof

Causes Moisture, Mildew & Invites Insects

picture of a downspout

Down Spout Water Discharge Away From Home

wood deck with proper spacing

Deck Spacing For Dryer Wood And Quicker Water Runoff

Drainage installed to keep water away from foundation for dryer basement.

Drainage Installed To Keep Water Away From Foundation For Dryer Basement

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