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We provide service for all your Termite and Pest Control needs in Hartford and surrounding Connecticut communities.

Pests, Insects, Termites

Alert Pest Control Services offers the highest quality in pest management.
For all insects, termites, carpenter ants, bed bugs or other pest problems in Connecticut.

We provide both commercial and residential services, and have solutions to eliminate the nuisance, property damage and discomfort caused by termites, insects, bed bugs and all pests that invade homes and businesses.

As long time members of the Hartford community, you can count on us to handle your pest control concerns in an efficient manner, respectful of your time, home and belongings and mindful of the environment.

We can help eliminate:

- Bed bugs
- Subterranean termites
- Ants, carpenter ants, stinging and biting ants
- Roaches, silverfish, and flies
- Bees, carpenter bees, and yellow jackets
- Wasps, hornets, and pantry pests
- Mice and rats
We provide warranties on all services provided.
- With Friendly and Reliable service, every time.

Warranty Termite Inspections and Prevention

Alert Pest Control Services is there when you need us for real estate inspections and preventive pest services. We have performed thousands of real estate termite and pest inspections throughout Connecticut because our customers know they can count on us to do the job honestly and on time.

If you are committed to your property and want to maximize the value of your home or business, we can help you with regular pest inspections.

We utilize Integrated Pest Management, with practices such as inspection, sanitation, exclusion, to limit use of pesticide.
Discovering conditions conducive for the infestation and implementing physical changes saves you money and saves the environment.
Our Services Include:
- Termite and pest inspections
- General property inspections
- Other Residential and commercial services
We provide inspections for home purchases:
- FHA, VA, and conventional termite inspections that also include all other wood destroying insects.

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