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Subterranean Termites

There can be as many as 1,000,000 subterranean termites per colony; the threat of infestation becomes a very real one indeed. Always be aware of shelter tubes along the foundation wall of the home, both inside and out. The only tools that you will need for this inspection is a flathead screw driver and a bright flashlight. If you ever suspect that you might have Termites, just give us a call at 860-673-1224, we will visit your home and complete a free Termite inspection.

Here are a few photos of Shelter tubes and the damage the Termite can do:

Termite Shelter Tubes
Termite Damage In Wood
Swarm Of Termites

Damage from Termites: Damage can be very extensive by the time a home owner realizes that they have a Termite infestation. Often the damage is hidden or not accessible.

Treatment: The most effective method of treatment is a liquid termiticide / pesticide soil application, We only use TERMIDOR for all Subterranean Termite control treatments, this product will protect the home up to 15 years form a termite infestation, per the USDA.

Different Types of Subterranean Termites:

Reproductive Swarmers: Termite Reproductive Swarmer They are dark brown to black and resemble a small Ant, about ¼ to ½ inch long with two pairs of wings. They tend to swarm in the spring but have been known to swarm in the summer. When they swarm, the count is usually in the hundreds.

Workers: Termite Worker Do not have wings, they are about ¼ inch or less in length and cream / white in color. The travel to the wood back to the colony, supply food.

Soldiers:  Do not have wings, they have large mandibles, cream / white in color and their heads are large and darker in color. They are the colony protectors, guarding the workers and the queen.

Call Alert Pest Control Services at 860-673-1224 for piece of mind home from Termites.


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